What is the purpose of this study?

The purpose of the study is to identify a recommended plan for a four-lane access controlled Highway 17 within the study limits with access restricted to interchange locations. The study will include the development and evaluation of a range of reasonable alternatives, including improvements to the existing highway, new highway routes and / or combinations of the two. A Recommended Plan will be selected and designated at the completion of the study to assist municipalities, landowners and businesses with planning and development in the study area.


Who are stakeholders?

Stakeholders are broadly defined as any individual or group that is affected by or is interested in the study. MTO is committed to an extensive consultation program, one that actively engages and involves members of the public, non-government organizations (NGOs), municipalities, Aboriginal groups, regulatory agencies, businesses and industry.


What is the current status of the project?

The study was initiated in early 2012 and a Study Design Report (SDR) released for stakeholder review in August 2012.  Public Information Centre (PIC) #1 was held Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at the Calvin Municipal Hall with stakeholders invited to review and provide comment on the following:

  • transportation needs assessment;
  • selected transportation system alternatives;
  • selected highway corridor;
  • selected highway cross-section;
  • identified environmental conditions and constraints;
  • highway planning alternatives which include:
    • proposed areas of highway realignment and areas of highway widening;
    • potential highway interchange locations; and
    • potential service road locations.
  • proposed criteria for evaluation of highway planning alternatives.

The information presented at PIC #1 is available on the Public Consultation page.  The Project Team has reviewed the comments received at PIC #1 and responded to any questions/comments submitted through that consultation process.  In addition, the SDR has been finalized in consideration of the comments received through the consultation processes held to date and can be viewed in the Study Documentation section of this website.

The Project Team is currently assessing and evaluating the highway planning alternatives presented at PIC #1 and will identify a preferred planning alternative, including the location of service roads and interchange locations / configurations at PIC #2.  PIC #2 is being held June 26, 2013.  Additional information regarding the PIC, including the location and hours is provided in the PIC #2 Notice.

How do I get involved in this study?

External agency and public consultation will take place throughout the study, including three Public Information Centres (PICs). The PICs will provide the public and interest groups an opportunity to discuss the study with members of the project team and to provide comments. The first PIC is planned for late fall 2012 and will provide the public with an opportunity to review the draft SDR, preliminary route alternatives and the proposed evaluation criteria.

To receive direct notification regarding study activities, events, PICs and milestone reports, please Contact Us to be placed on the study's mailing list.

If you have additional questions, please Contact Us.

study update

Transportation Environmental Study Report (TESR) has been prepared to document the study findings.

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